Church Unplugged.

An atmosphere, a behavior, an attitude, and a mission. Have you ever been lost in the crowd, felt like the lost sheep, not recognized, or perhaps even outcasted? Well don't feel to bad, most people who warm up the seats at theatres, conferences and even pews feel the same way. For some incredible reason no matter how many individuals occupy a room, or come in close proximity of each other, something is lacking or perhaps even missing and that something is God.

Each one of us have been fearfully designed to need the warmth and companionship of each other and our Creator, as one big happy family God established the uniqueness of friendship and the comradery of love and appreciation in every circle of our culture and society. Absolutely nothing in all creation can replace the unconditional love of Christ and his presence in the hearts and minds of his children.

In our Unplugged Church Services you will experience a contemporary style of worship, fellowship, and ministry which invites all individuals to come as they are to the House of the Lord. Our cozy atmosphere, great music, and candle light gatherings help nurture an essence of comfort, trust and hominess which we desire all of our visitors and members to experience. Enjoy a warm hug after a great service, and fellowship with the brethren as we give full reverence, honor and glory to Christ for his goodness and Lordship.

If you would like to learn more about our Unplugged Church Services feel free to attend one of our weekly services or 
cell groups and ask for more information. You may also request more information by clicking here and filling out our request form. A ministry representative will contact you as soon as your requests are known.

Grace in Christ.

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I AM Ministries International Unplugged

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